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Support #TeamStrub - Hire Chris for public speaking


Chris Strub burst onto the national scene in the Summer of 2015 by visiting all 50 U.S. states over the course of 100 days. During this adventure, Chris volunteered with a youth organization in each state, and used a full set of social mediums to tell the story of each organization. Chris interacted directly with thousands of youths around the country, offering words of inspiration at each stop.


Before taking his two road trips, Chris was the Social Media Director at Ad Elements, LLC, a progressive, well-respected advertising agency based in Binghamton, N.Y. with a satellite office in Winter Park, Fla. For two years, Chris directly managed the agency's social media department, providing customized social media management services to over 30 local businesses in a broad variety of sectors. Clients included a barbecue restaurant and taphouse, a laser eye surgeon, the top local jewelry chain, a college student housing project, an HVAC company and many more. Prior to joining Ad Elements, Chris worked directly with hundreds of local businesses as the Local Area Manager for, a daily deals website backed by Gannett. To learn more about my background, please visit my LinkedIn page.


Option A: Speaking to large groups


In 2013-14, Chris (pictured at left) served as the moderator of a series of social media seminars sponsored by the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce. Chris also led a discussion in October for the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce in Winter Park, Fla. Topics included:


- Facebook 101: The basics of social media management for local business

- Amplifying your voice: How your brand can stand out in a crowded space

- Everything But Facebook: What options are available for my business?

- #PayToPlay: Why your business must invest in paid social advertising


Chris is available to give any of these presentations to your group or organization. Use the 'CONTACT' form above or Tweet @ChrisStrub to reach Chris today.

Option B: Individual consultations


No two businesses are alike, and the only true path to social media success begins with an individual social media consultation. Businesses around upstate New York that have worked with Chris have seen tremendous growth and, more importantly, a return on their investments.


Prior to his time with DealChicken and Ad Elements, Chris (second from left, at a Chamber of Commerce seminar in Sept. 2013) is a former digital editor at the Press & Sun-Bulletin in Binghamton, and led the way for a comprehensive Twitter strategy within the organization's newsroom. If your media organization needs help entering the social media world, hiring Chris is the perfect way to get energized and get started.


Whether you're a local business, a media organization or an entrepreneurial spirit needing some help, hire Chris to meet with your management team, and by day's end you'll feel both inspired to get a social media strategy in motion, and equipped with the technical know-how to execute that strategy. Use the 'CONTACT' form above or Tweet @ChrisStrub to reach Chris today.

Option C: Media inquiries


During the 2015 #TeamStrub journey, Chris was interviewed by more than 30 local news outlets around the United States, including The Lansing State Journal, The Missoulian, FOX 5 Las Vegas, WBNG-TV Binghamton (N.Y.), Newsday, the Wilmington News Journal and many more.


Chris would love to speak to your organization for a news story, podcast, video interview or any other type of media inquiry.


Use the 'CONTACT' form above or Tweet @ChrisStrub to reach Chris today.

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