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A lot of people stake claim to 'expertise' without putting in the work.

I've built my business from the bottom-up: packing up the car, driving around the country, ringing doorbells and meeting face-to-face with those who define America's nonprofit landscape. You can watch all the YouTube instructional videos you want; there truly is no substitute for an in-person experience.

When I meet with an organization, I enter with no preconceived notions. There is no one-size-fits-all methodology. With my listen-first approach, we'll spend our time addressing the issues specific to your organization, your audience, and your resource levels. Meeting face-to-face allows me to develop a completely personalized approach to every single meeting -- something you won't get from most other social media professionals.

From Anchorage to Jacksonville, from Burlington to Tucson, I've been there. I have met with over 100 organizations around the country -- face-to-face. [See the whole list.] And in 2017, I want to come to your city.

Here's how it works: I'll arrive Monday morning, and depart Friday afternoon. In the course of one week I'll meet individually, for three hours each, with up to eight organizations of your choosing. In those meetings, we'll not only talk about big ideas, but we'll execute: we'll create live video content that your organization can publish and re-use forever.

This around-the-city approach was perfected during my recent contract work with Fortune 75 company Humana, where I visited and worked in all seven of their Bold Goal communities: Louisville, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Knoxville, San Antonio, Tampa Bay and Broward Co., Fla.

I am not your typical social media entreprenuer. I will not spend my time in your city balancing content creation or management of other clients -- my only clients are the communities I visit. When I come to you, I am all-in.

So where will Chris Strub go next? The answer is YOUR city. Contact me today.



Chris Strub has demonstrated his commitment to the nonprofit world and his personal determination to make a difference. Besides being a really nice guy and super fun to be around, he has the personality and knowledge to be a highly valued asset ANYWHERE he chooses to use his gifts. What a legacy and an example.

Chris Strub is a rare gem. When he volunteered with our organization he was open, accessible, and friendly to our teens. He engaged them in conversations, shared about his experiences, and taught them new skills. His method of story telling on Snap Chat has transformed how we think about communication with the teens we work with.

Words can not express the gratitude we have for all Chris gave to our organization. He shows passion in all he does. Chris is one of those individuals you meet and think, "He's going to change the world." I anxiously await to see what he does next and the lives he will change, for the better.

... there's no way (we) would've ventured into Facebook Live or Snapchat without having the primer from Chris. He made it relevant to our mission and to Louisville as a whole, which is a true skill. I'm looking forward to finding the fun and interesting ways we can integrate the learning into our consistent online communications.


Check out my work with more than 100 nonprofits nationwide on these various social media channels.


$6,000/week, plus travel/lodging

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