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As a published author, international millennial keynote speaker, online educator and dynamic presenter, Chris Strub is a great addition to your event's lineup. Email Chris today for rates to book him to appear at your event in 2019, and see more about the past and upcoming events Chris has attended below.

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Chris Strub's Upcoming and Past Events

UPCOMING: Social Media Day Houston

June 27, 2019

Chris Strub will be keynoting Social Media Day Houston on June 27. Additionally, there will be a screening of '50 States, 100 Days: The Film.' Follow @ChrisStrub on Twitter for the latest information.

UPCOMING: Social Media Week Lima

June 18, 2019

Chris Strub will be moderating a panel about crave-able content with Mike Allton, Ai Addyson-Zhang and Christine Gritmon on June 18 at Social Media Week Lima in Lima, Ohio. 

UPCOMING: SocialROCK Conference 2019

May 20, 2019

Chris Strub will be presenting about incremental storytelling at the SocialROCK Conference in Rockford, Ill., on May 20. Additionally, there will be a screening of '50 States, 100 Days: The Film' the night before; details TBA. (Follow @ChrisStrub on Twitter for the latest information.)

UPCOMING: The Social Shake-Up Show 2019

May 08, 2019

Chris Strub will be speaking on a panel about visual storytelling essentials at the Social Shake-Up Show 2019. This will be Chris's third consecutive year speaking at SSU, and his fourth time attending.

UPCOMING: Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, St. Louis

April 16, 2019

Chris Strub will be a panelist about live-streaming video at #MDMC19 in St. Louis. Chris will also have a VIP Session about #LinkedInLive and will be hosting a screening of '50 States, 100 Days: The Film' with Ross Woods of Scofield Digital Storytelling. 

The Big Give San Antonio

March 28, 2018

Chris joined The Nonprofit Council in San Antonio for The Big Give 2019, live-streaming with the team for 19 consecutive hours on Facebook. Check out all the live videos at

Social Media Marketing World 2019

March 20, 2019

Chris spoke at Social Media Marketing World 2019 about using Twitter to grow your authority and build your network. Additionally, Chris premiered '50 States, 100 Days: The Film,' in conjunction with Ross Woods of Scofield Digital Storytelling, after the event. For the second consecutive year, Chris was again ranked one of the top Twitter contributors at Social Media Marketing World.

Marketed.Live, Nottingham, England

September 25, 2018

Chris Strub made his international speaking debut as the closing speaker on Sept. 25 at Marketed.Live in Nottingham, England, presenting about the 8 Steps to Building Community via Social Media.

#GiveForGoodLou 2018, Louisville

September 13, 2018

Chris returned to Louisville as the Facebook Live co-host for the 2018 Give For Good Louisville event, in partnership with the Community Foundation of Louisville. The event raised more than $5.4 million for more than 550 participating nonprofits around the Kentuckiana area. Chris appeared in 24 of the organization's 26 Facebook Live broadcasts in the 24-hour period. The 26 broadcasts earned more than 6,000 organic views.

Nonprofit Training Camp, Louisville

July 24, 2018

Chris was the closing speaker at the Community Foundation of Louisville's nonprofit training camp event on July 24 at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville.

Social Media Day Denver

June 29, 2018

Chris Strub presented to a crowd of about 200 at Social Media Day Denver on June 29, 2018, speaking about the power of Instagram Stories. Chris was the No. 2 Twitter influencer at the event, behind Brian @iSocialFanz Fanzo.

Social Media Day Wichita

June 27, 2018

At Social Media Day Wichita (Kansas), June 27, 2018, Chris held a three-hour workshop focused on social media for nonprofits, and keynoted the main stage in the afternoon session about using Instagram Stories to build your brand. See the Instagram Story that Chris created with Demian Ross, Julie Riley, Jen Cole, Amanda Robinson, Joel Comm and Brian Fanzo now on the Instagram account @chrisstrubspeaker.

Social Media Week Lima 2018 (#SMWL18)

June 20, 2018

Chris hosted a 'Table Talk' about all things Twitter at the two-day Social Media Week Lima event.

#SSU2018 Social Shake-Up 2018

May 07, 2018

In addition to accepting the 'Mover and Shaker' award from PR News, Chris presented three times during the three-day Social Shake-Up Show 2018, including a solo presentation about Snapchat; a three-hour workshop about live-streaming; and a panel titled 'The Unsession' where he and another panelist fielded questions from the audience for an hour. This was Chris's third appearance at the Social Shake-Up Show (2014, 2017, 2018).

Social Media Strategies Summit Chicago

April 25, 2018

Chris presented a session titled "$4.6 million in 24 hours: Using Facebook Live to Raise Millions in Louisville" on April 25 at 11:05 a.m at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago, hosted by Ryan Pena.

#SMTULSA, Tulsa, Okla.

March 30, 2018

Chris was in attendance, although he did not speak, at #SMTULSA in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

#MDMC18, St. Louis

March 27, 2018

Chris Strub did something no speaker has ever done in the six-year history of the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference -- he spoke on two panels and did a 50-minute solo presentation (with Cara Baribeau from the Community Foundation of Louisville). Chris spoke on both the nonprofit social media panel (pictured), and the livestreaming panel. Chris also created an official Snapchat story of #MDMC18 on Day 1 of the event.

Social Media Marketing World #SMMW18

February 27, 2018

Although Chris was not a speaker at Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW18) 2018 in San Diego, he was the No. 1 Twitter influencer at the event, based on total mentions.

#LinkedInLocal NYC

January 09, 2018

Chris attended #LinkedInLocal New York City at AC Lion International in Manhattan, organized by Brian Wallace (pictured), with guest speakers Brandon Steiner of Steiner Sports, Anna M. Gonzalez of NASDAQ, and Chaim Hass of Bloomberg. A copy of '50 States, 100 Days' was included in the evening's raffle prizes.

#SMDDayton, Dayton Ohio

September 28, 2017

On Sept. 28, 2017, at Social Media Day Dayton (Ohio), organized by Sara Moore of SEA Media, Chris presented a 50-minute talk on 'Incremental Storytelling: Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories & More.' Chris was ranked the No. 2 Twitter influencer at Social Media Day Dayton, trailing only keynote speaker Brian @iSocialFanz Fanzo. 

#GiveForGoodLou, Louisville

September 14, 2017

Chris traveled to Louisville, Ky., to team with the Community Foundation of Louisville for their annual #GiveForGoodLou campaign. More than 500 nonprofits participated in this 24-hour online day of giving, and Chris hosted or co-hosted 18 Facebook Live videos from both the "war room" in downtown Louisville and local businesses/events around the city, including a 90-minute rally in the center of the city at '4th Street Live!' with tables representing about 200 of the participating 500 organizations. In just 24 hours, the event raised more than $4.6 million for the participating nonprofits. The Community Foundation was one of the organizations Chris worked with in 2016 during his seven-month stint with Humana, and they incorporated Facebook Live as a significant part of their marketing strategy with their weekly 'Getting to Know The Good' series. The Community Foundation of Louisville is featured prominently in Chris's course, 'Livestreaming for Nonprofits.' Chris also filmed a 21-minute behind-the-scenes Snapchat story during the day.

PR News Big 4 Summit, San Francisco

August 09, 2017

Chris presented on Aug. 9, 2017 at PR News's 'Big Four' conference at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco, along with co-presenter Andrea Limas from the University of San Francisco, on 'How to Develop a Snapchat Presence.' Chris was ranked the No. 1 Twitter influencer for #PRNews during the two-day conference.

#BizVlogSummit 2017, Las Vegas

August 03, 2017

My first career keynote came at the second Business Vlog Summit, held in Las Vegas Aug. 2-4. My keynote was titled 'Using Authentic Social Video to Change Your Business — and The World.' I was the event's leading Twitter influencer by almost a 3-to-1 margin.

Innocon 2017, New York City

July 20, 2017

I did not make it to Innocon itself, but I did attend the after-party at Barn Joo to meet up with its livestreaming host, Brian Fanzo.

Social Media Day Houston 2017

June 30, 2017

I attended Social Media Day Houston as a special guest of Rebecca Councill, the founder of the Houston Social Media Association. The night before Social Media Day, I did a special Q&A about social media with Kristy Gillentine at the Drive West Communications office, and I was asked to introduce Kristy before her presentation at Social Media Day. I spent time consulting directly with some of Rebecca's local nonprofit clients, including the owners of Hotel Ylem in Houston, and filmed Episode 1 of 'The Strub and Blake Show' on Snapchat, for which we had a custom geofilter. I was ranked the No. 1 Twitter influencer at #SMDayHou.

#BBBSTogether 2017, San Diego

June 26, 2017

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of America national conference features hundreds of CEOs, board members, staff members and dignitaries from around the organization, which has a presence in all 50 U.S. states and around the world. The event was in-kind sponsored by Facebook Live, and I played the role of official lives-streaming host, getting to interview celebrities including Frankie Muniz of 'Malcolm in the Middle,' Kate Snow of NBC, NFL Hall of Famer Darrell Green, keynote speaker Vu Le, plus dozens of BBBS staff members, and the National Bigs and Littles of the Year, from Ohio and Alaska. I also trailed CEO Pam Iorio onto the field at Petco Park as she threw out the first pitch to announce the launch of the 'Bigs in Blue' program in San Diego.  I did a Facebook Live using the DJI OSMO Mobile as well as an Instagram takeover that evening from Petco Park. The totality of our Facebook Live coverage -- more than 30 live-streams over three days -- gained over 30,000 organic views. I also presented solo about how affiliates can use live-streaming to their advantage.

VidCon US 2017, Anaheim

June 21, 2017

In the summer of 2017, I worked with live-streaming app, through a Houston-based public relations agency, to assist with PR and related content creation. I attended VidCon as a VIP, and did a takeover of their Snapchat account on Day 2 of the multi-day event. I was interviewed by influencer Chase Crawford at the Switcher Studio booth, about '50 States, 100 Days: The Book,' as well as I was ranked in the Top 60 Twitter influencers for #VidConUS, which is one of the largest gatherings of brands and creators in the world. Although I did not speak at my first VidCon, it is a future goal of mine.

#BISummit New York (Spotify) 2017

June 14, 2017

I was invited as a special guest of host Ted Rubin to attend the #BISummit NYC at Spotify Headquarters. Although I did not speak at this event, I was its No. 1 Twitter influencer. 

#WEXDC 2017, Washington, D.C.

May 27, 2017

I attended the Women's Empowerment Expo 2017 in Washington, D.C., to see speakers Brian Fanzo and Hilary Silver. 

Shake-Up Show 2017, Atlanta

May 22, 2017

I was honored to be asked to speak at the Shake-Up Show 2017, bringing my career full-circle from my first social media conference appearance in 2014 -- where I expressed interest in speaking at a future Shake-Up. At this event, I was on a three-person panel that spoke about live-streaming, along with Brian Rudolph and Christine Wilson, and moderated by Sophie Maerowitz of PR News. I also was featured in a spontaneous 'Unsession,' due to overcrowding of other event rooms, and led a roundtable discussion about Snapchat. I was rated the No. 1 Twitter influencer at this conference and had a custom Snapchat geofilter designed for the final day of the event. I also created a series of Snapchat videos and Periscope streams along a multi-day road-trip to build buzz for this event.

#MDMC17, St. Louis

April 13, 2017

I was invited to speak about 'How Live-streaming is now a Broadcast Standard' at #MDMC17 through an old friend, T.J. Salopek, with whom I used to work at DealChicken (2011-2012). T.J. is good friends with organizer Perry Drake, who reached out to me in the spring of 2017. I appeared on the panel with Bonnie Frank, Ms. Candy Blog and Jordan Palmer, with moderator Kevin DePew. At #MDMC17, I was rated the event's No. 1 Twitter influencer, and had a custom Snapchat geofilter.

Summit Live 2016, San Francisco

January 14, 2016

My first speaking engagement came at Summit Live 2016 in San Francisco, thanks to the generosity and support of Brian Fanzo and Ryan A. Bell. In the fall of 2015, I was watching one of Brian's live-streams, and when he saw I was actively commenting, he reached out and invited me in to appear on video on the stream. He allowed me to quickly explain my 50-state trip, and then proceeded to offer me a ticket to the event and a chance to speak on a big stage. I appeared twice at the event: a solo speech, and on the 'Social Good' panel with Derek Cowan, AJ Joshi, Arvin Poole and Dustin Berlin, moderated by Chris Heuer. My appearance at Summit Live 2016 was sponsored by Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central West Virginia.

Social Shake-Up 2014, Atlanta

September 16, 2014

My very first social media conference was the Social Shake-Up 2014 in Atlanta. I won a free ticket to the conference in the spring of 2014, before I quit my job at Ad Elements to take my first cross-country road trip, by being an active participant in a webinar held by Social Media Today. Robin personally reached out to me and the opportunity to attend was an offer I couldn't refuse. Sadly, Robin Carey passed away in a car accident in the winter of 2015, but her spirit lives on through the Shake-Up Show, which I returned to speak at in 2017.

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