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Get together


The following was written Aug. 3, 2014 aboard United Airways Flight 3596 from Binghamton to Newark. - - - - - - - - - - Few things in life are better than a get together. Why do we love sports? Sports give us the opportunity to get together with friends and family, and give us something in common to feel passionate about. Why do we love weddings? Weddings bring people together from many different places, sharing a goal of celebrating the bride and groom. Why do we love a good bar? The shared camaraderie of getting to sit and talk about life with others, with, of course, the auxiliary social benefit of alcohol. There's not much I love more than a good get together. A Seattle Mariners game. An old roommate's wedding. Pints at Great Lakes Brewing Company. I LOVE these experiences; I love the feeling of seeing old faces, and I love the feeling of meeting new ones. And for the same instinctual reasons I love attending these events, I LOVE sharing these experiences with the world. I LOVE taking pictures, I LOVE shooting video, I LOVE the feeling of letting the world know: YES, I'm here; YES, I'm smiling and YES, hopefully I can make YOU smile, too. This summer, I'm taking a Yoenis Cespedes-sized home run swing. I've sacrificed everything I've ever known in New York, to see what this great country has to offer. And I want you to come with me. I want you to experience the same amazing emotions I feel when I arrive at the Grand Canyon, or walk for the first time through the gates at Wrigley, or bite into the best barbecue in the state of Tennessee. For this adventure, I've sacrificed everything I had: financial stability, a comfortable place to call home, physical well-being, emotional comfort. And it's difficult. I am spending every last dime I have (literally -- damn those 'exact change' Texas tolls!). I am gaining weight. I ride an emotional roller coaster every day. But I do it because I BELIEVE in the principle of the get together. I BELIEVE that making people happy is my calling, the reason I'm on this earth. I BELIEVE in the unique, unprecedented power of this magical 5-inch device I'm typing this on. I BELIEVE that the journey I am on is, in a digitally revolutionary way, a get together. I BELIEVE that these social mediums allow us to congregate in ways we would've never thought possible, and I BELIEVE I am pioneering a disruptive, unconventional vocation. (I also believe I can do this much better than I am doing this summer.) Most importantly, I BELIEVE that if what I'm doing makes people smile, that I am accomplishing something many people may never do: spending my life in a way that makes a positive difference in the life of others. And so, despite all the difficulties, all the hardships, all the frayed friendships and all the sacrifices, I roll on. In 5 minutes, I'll land in Newark, New Jersey, and connect on a flight back to Houston, where the Strubmobile awaits. Because, #TeamStrub, I promise you, despite spending this weekend with the best of friends in upstate New York, I am far from done ... Day 67 ... on we roll.

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