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#TeamStrub making National headlines!



"Today's Take: Seeing Wisconsin Through New Eyes"

"Chris Strub ... perhaps the most energetic 28-year-old ever, was here June 23 ... We made sure he got a good sampling of what the 920 has to offer."

- Doug Schneider, Green Bay Press-Gazette, 7/2/14

Binghamton Now with Bob Joseph - 1290 WNBF

"For the most part, it sounds like people are treating you well. Have you had any encounters with, shall we say, the dark underbelly of America?"

- Bob Joseph, WNBF, 7/8/14

'In housing search, BU alum leaves no stone unturned'

"Long-time friends, (Chris) Strub and (Lee) Karchawer are selling '#TeamStrub' t-shirts. A portion of these proceeds will go toward the charity ..."

- Davina Bhandari, Binghamton U. Pipe Dream, 7/13/14


Chris Strub is available for media inquiries of all types. Email Chris using the 'CONTACT' form on this site or Tweet to @ChrisStrub. For more info about Pay Away The Layaway, please visit

Well, here goes nothing.

For the last 11 years, I've called Binghamton, New York my home. Four years on the Binghamton University campus, seven years on Front Street .... I've finished four Ale House World Beer Tours, run three Binghamton Bridge Runs (this Sunday makes four!), conquered countless #BMets Two for Tuesdays, gone dancing with my beloved Bearcats and even sipped from the Calder Cup.


I've survived two tumultuous relationships, gone on dozens of dates, even learned to Tinder-swipe left and right. I spent five years making newspapers ... one whirlwind year in an inflatable chicken suit ... and two incredible years at Ad Elements. I'm healthy, wealthy and wise — by all accounts, my life is good.


But growing up, I didn't dream of being good. I dreamed of being the best. Binghamton has been great to me. But at 28 years old ... I want the world.


So here we go: I quit my amazing job. I'm giving up my apartment.


I'm leaving everything I've ever known - to go see the country.


I'm leaving May 29*, starting with Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire before my first visit to Fenway Park. (*Yes, that means I will be voluntarily unemployed for the rest of May as I work on planning.)


Over the course of 90 days, I'll spend at least one night in each of the lower 48 states, visiting friends and family all around the US. (Here's the full itinerary; here's the Google Map.)


I'll visit at least a half dozen baseball stadiums (including my first visit to Wrigley Field!), run half marathons in Kentucky, Denver and Portland, see my cousin get married in Kansas City and hopefully make a lot of new friends — through the combined powers of great local craft beers (see: here and here and here and here and here, etc.) and all kinds of social media. The trip culminates on Aug. 23 in Washington, D.C., with a celebration of my 29th birthday. I will be BLOGGING all summer long, and have already started, so please keep an eye on that page as my journey continues.

People are going to call me crazy; I get it. But at 28, I've decided living all of these incredible experiences in one shot is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


I'm heading out by myself, but with your support, I'll never be alone.


If you're as excited about this trip as I am, I'd love to meet you and talk about it, and keep in touch with each and every one of you through the incredible power of social media.


For now, there are SIX primary ways you can Follow along:


|| TWITTER (@ChrisStrub - #TeamStrub) ||

|| FACEBOOK - Strubman ||

|| INSTAGRAM - @ChrisStrub ||

|| FOURSQUARE - ChrisStrub ||

|| UNTAPPD - @Strubman ||

|| SNAPCHAT - @ChrisStrub ||


You can find me on a handful of other social networks, too: Google Plus, Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest, etc. ... trust me, your best bet will be the above six.


NEW: You can HIRE ME to speak to your group or organization. Check out the new HIRE ME page and use the CONTACT page to contact me.


(Also, if you own/represent a company with corporate interest, either in sponsoring the trip and/or meeting me afterwards, by all means contact me on LinkedIn.) 


Demonstrating your support is simple: tell your friends. Like, comment and Share on Facebook. Tweet with the hashtag #TeamStrub. Follow me across the board — @chrisstrub — and strap in for a wild ride. Better yet, BUY THE T-SHIRT!. A portion of the proceeds from each shirt will go towards Pay Away the Layaway, a charity run by my good friend and fellow Binghamton alum Lee Karchawer. (Read all about our history together HERE.)


I'll also be selling shirts on the road — if you can track me down, let's split a couple beers, Instagram a #selfie and talk about life. If you're reading this site, your support means everything to me. I truly hope you'll join me on this incredible journey as I take a trust fall into the arms of Lady Liberty.


#TeamStrub isn't complete without you. Stay tuned ...


(P.S., I bet you have more questions. Check out the FAQ section here.)

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