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So Chris Strub reached out to you
about visiting your organization during his 2017 adventure.

Q: Who is Chris Strub?

A: Please check the home page at for much more information about Chris.

Q: What is Chris looking to do?

A: Chris is looking for three hours of your time: two hours to perform an in-person evaluation of your organization's social media strategies, and one hour to create video content about your organization on various platforms. The meeting will last from 9 a.m. to noon local time.

Q: What will this cost us?

A: Nothing but three hours of your time.

Q: Why should we meet with Chris?

A: Chris is one of the nation's leading nonprofit social media thought leaders. In addition to volunteering with 60 nonprofits around the U.S. in 2015, Chris spent seven months in 2016 working with Humana on their Bold Goal initiative. Chris spoke about live video at Summit Live 2016 and is a featured presenter at The Social Shake-Up 2017 in Atlanta, Ga.

Q: Does Chris have references?

A: Yes. There's a bunch on the home page, and more on LinkedIn.

Q: How does Chris do this?

A: Let's call it a leap of faith.

Q: Why did Chris choose us?

A: Hey, why not?

Q: Will we be in the local news?

A: Chris will be reaching out to the college newspapers in your city. If you'd like, you can reach out to additional local media.

Q: Is there a whole list of organizations Chris is working with?

A: This page will be updated throughout the journey.

Q: What if Chris didn't contact us?

A: Chris is available for paid bookings after the trip -- details here.

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