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How To Live-Stream Your Virtual Giving Day or GivingTuesday Campaign

If you're planning a virtual giving day campaign -- and GivingTuesday 2020 is coming up quickly -- live-streaming video should be the focus of your efforts.

I live-streamed my first giving day, Give For Good Louisville, back in 2017, and since then have been partnering with different organizations around the country to help them make the most of their giving days through live video. This year, I worked directly with six different giving days, in six states, to help them drive results.

There is no singular, one-size-fits-all plan to live-stream a giving day. Every giving day plan needs to take into account a broad swath of variables. As the Giving Day Guy, my job is to help control for all those variables to help organizations develop a coherent, effective strategy.

There are hundreds of giving days that take place year-round and worldwide, but many giving day community leaders focus their efforts on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, known worldwide as GivingTuesday -- taking place this year on Dec. 1, 2020.

I encourage giving day leaders around the world to take a deep dive into my Giving Day Guy blog. Here, I've written lengthy case studies about all six virtual giving days I've helped produce in 2020. There are surely many lessons to be applied from these successful efforts around the U.S.

I've done numerous interviews about live-streaming video during your giving day, like this one live in San Diego with Christine Gritmon back in early March (yes, in person!), and the video interview embedded here with the brilliant Julia Campbell and Josh Hirsch, aka the Nonprofit Social Media Nerds.

But never before have I dived deep into my actual methodology: how exactly, from start to finish, Chris, do you work with a giving day to help them build a successful live-streaming video strategy?

That's why this month I am launching a brand-new course titled, aptly, 'How to Live-Stream Your Giving Day.' If you're eager to get started with live-streaming on your giving day, especially if it's GivingTuesday, I recorded and posted this course specifically for you.

In planning this course I consulted with the global GivingTuesday team to ask what the most frequently asked questions from GivingTuesday leaders are. I blended those prompts with the questions I am asked the most by the numerous community leaders I work and consult with around the country. I made sure to leave no stone unturned: if you run a giving day, and want to live-stream, this course will answer every question you have -- I guarantee it.

The course includes more than 3.5 hours of direct, actionable and applicable video content, all of which was filmed in the wake of actually producing six virtual giving day events in 2020. While many 'experts' like talking theory all day long -- I work in the trenches to actually get things done. This year, I published more than 130 live-streams across the six giving days I worked with, totaling more than 58 hours of live video, and more than 33,000 organic day-of views.

This course will teach you my methodology and show you exactly how to get started with your giving day live-streaming plan. You can get access to the course here, and use the code GIVINGTUESDAY2020 to save 33%.


Chris Strub is the Giving Day Guy. Learn more at

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