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Once-in-a-lifetime sponsorship opportunity

On May 29, my maiden voyage around the United States begins.

I’ll spend a lot of time on social media keeping in touch, but for a moment, forget the laptop, iPhone and iPad: the one machine that I’ll rely on the most is my ever-trusty ‘07 Honda Accord.

15,000 miles at 60 MPH would leave me behind the wheel for 250 hours -- more than 10 full days, on pretty much any and every highway you can think of.

For a brand seeking organic national exposure this summer, the #TeamStrub journey is about as good as it gets.

Tonight, I am announcing the opportunity for YOUR business to sponsor the so-called “Strubmobile.”

Time is very short. Two weeks from tonight, I’ll already be four days in to my journey.

I am only offering this unique opportunity to SIX businesses -- and one spot is already filled, by my good friend Dave Wozniak and the wonderful people at TeamWorld.

For just $1,000, your logo will adorn one of the doors on the driver’s side of my Accord. I will periodically send you pictures of the car from around the country but, more importantly, it is likely that fellow drivers/passengers will Tweet/Facebook/Instagram/etc. photos of the car to their followers when they see me on the road.

If you are interested, I need to know immediately, as the car will be wrapped this week. Use the contact form on this website to reach me and I will get right back to you.

I am excited to hopefully help represent YOUR brand this summer as part of the #TeamStrub journey. Talk to you soon!

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