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BREAKING NEWS: Daily sponsorships now available!

On Day 33, I’ll drive 209 miles from Omaha to Abilene, Kansas. Day 21, I’ll make my first visit to St. Louis. And Day 76, I’ll lay my head at a hotel in Mobile, Alabama.

90 days, 90 totally different adventures -- and RIGHT NOW is YOUR opportunity to directly take part in each of those different experiences.

Today, I announce the #TeamStrub “Daily Sponsorship” program. It’s fairly simple -- here’s how it works:

Each day of the journey will be sponsored by one of the purchasers of the first 90 #TeamStrub t-shirts.

So if you buy the 19th t-shirt sold, bam -- day 19, my second night in Nashville -- is officially sponsored by YOU.

What exactly does this sponsorship get you, other than a super-sweet #TeamStrub t-shirt?

-- I will add your name and link to your Twitter on the official itinerary page

-- I will Tweet my thanks to you on that day (“Today is Day xx of the #TeamStrub journey, sponsored by @YourTwitterHandleHere …”)

-- The auxiliary happiness of knowing part of your $25 goes to an amazing charity, Pay Away The Layaway

Want to sponsor more than one day? Hell yeah you do! Each shirt you buy gets you a day, and if you wanted to put the sponsorship in someone else’s name, I’m cool with that -- just let me know. (Best way to get in touch? Twitter, of course.)

Want to sponsor a day, or a week, etc., on behalf of your brand? That’s cool, too. Of course, brands are people!

Want to pick the day you sponsor? I considered this, but sorry, this will get too complicated. The 75th shirt sold will sponsor day 75, etc. (Tell you what, though: if you or your organization buys 10 or more shirts, contact me directly and I will arrange something extra special for you.)

Obviously, there are only 90 opportunities to sponsor a day -- actually less than 90, because we've sold some already, (and I am reserving Day #90 for the entire Strub family) -- so you’ll want to act quick here.

And what happens with the 91st shirt sold? I have another sweet idea … but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there …

So what are you waiting for? Go pick out a size RIGHT NOW here … OR come visit me at Food & Fire at any point this FRIDAY, at my official send-off party. I will have a limited quantity of shirts on hand. If you’ve already bought your shirt, don't worry, I will assign days soon -- in the meantime, share this post with your friends so they can join the fun …

More soon!

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