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Day 7 Update

#TeamStrub has reached Day #7.

Frankly, I’m tired. I’m riding the adrenaline of kicking off this journey right, trying to do everything with everyone.

It’s exhausting, but my goodness has it been fun.

What have I learned so far?

I’ve learned that people’s kindness and generosity stretches far beyond what you might think.

I’ve learned that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I’ve learned that people love telling you their own story.

I’ve learned you really, really don’t need as much stuff as you think you do.

I’ve learned who I can consider my truest friends.

I’ve learned a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why I’ve focused more of my energy on photography (and videography) than on writing in the blog. (And why you should definitely follow me on Instagram.)

I’ve learned that one 45-minute run during a week of constant eating out is not nearly enough.

Ironically, though, most of the above, sappy lessons were things I sort of anticipated going into this. What I’ve truly learned is somewhat less existential:

I’ve learned that hostels are an amazingly economical way to travel.

I’ve learned that you cannot bribe your way onto the Green Monster, and that you probably should just spring for the Monster tickets.

I’ve learned that the beautiful gals at The Tilted Kilt in Wethersfeld, Connecticut, are much smarter than their “Hit Me Baby One More Time” outfits may let on.

I’ve learned that leaving the WiFi on on your GoPro kills the battery awfully quick.

I've learned that Heady Topper really isn't as impossible to find in Burlington as everyone in Binghamton thinks it is.

I’ve learned that you should get to the Common Man before 7:30 p.m. so they don’t 86 the signature prime rib before you arrive.

I’ve learned that I should’ve invested in a Mophie, or at least upgraded my phone to the 5 before leaving Binghamton.

I've learned that the best spot to watch a Rock Cats game is the bar in the Sam Adams party section, particularly if Nicole is bartending.

I've learned that you need to add the Bourbonzola Burger at Rock Bottom to your bucket list.

And I've learned that one night in a city -- whether a huge metropolis like Boston or a tiny hidden jewel like Newport, Rhode Island -- is not nearly enough ... not even close.

So to everyone I’ve come across so far on this journey -- hi! Thank you so much for your hospitality, your generosity, your kind words. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay longer, but I’ve got a lot of miles to drive, a lot of hotels/hostels/friends’ houses to check in to, and a lot more smiles to create around the U.S.

To everyone I'm scheduled to see in the weeks and months to come -- ya'll know who you are -- get excited! I'm thrilled to see you guys.

And to everyone at home, on Long Island, in Binghamton or wherever you are -- thank you, too! I think about you guys every day and couldn’t do this without you.

God bless, and stay tuned. More soon.

P.S. You may have noticed by now the yellow bracelet I’m wearing in every photo. It reads “WE FIGHT FOR MADDIE.” Maddie underwent her surgery today in Philadelphia and word from her Mom, Amy, is that things went “perfect.” I wrote a letter to Maddie the other day that, if you missed it, you can read here.

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