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I want this to make you uncomfortable.

Not necessarily this blog post, though that lead might’ve made you shiver a bit, but the entire #TeamStrub journey.

Yes, I want this, all of this -- the website, the Instagram photos, the official #TeamStrub t-shirt -- I want it to make YOU uncomfortable.

You read that right. Uncomfortable. Uneasy. Unsure.

I want you to look at my pictures and see that dreams can come true -- but that the only person who can make that happen for YOU … is YOU.

Being “jealous” of my travels, although I see where you’re coming from, doesn’t accomplish anything in your life. Seeing my goofy smile on Instagram might cheer you up for a minute, but most people will carelessly swipe by, on to the next thing in their “feed,” watching along as they are “fed” happiness by their mobile device.

So yes, please, by all means, smile, laugh, make a clever comment, either to yourself and/or on my pictures … go for it.

But when that smile subsides -- I want you to feel uncomfortable.

And I want you to feel uncomfortable, because I want you to think, hard, about what it is that is holding YOU back from feeling the happiness, the joy, the pleasure that I’m experiencing every day.

What is it? What is it that’s holding YOU back from living YOUR dreams? What is it that is stopping YOU from doing what YOU want to do with your life?

It’s a question I’m becoming accustomed to asking, of every bar patron, or baseball fan, or hotel employee, or cute waitress: what is stopping YOU from being who you truly want to be?

Take a moment and think about it, seriously for a moment now. What is it?

Maybe you’re a cute 20-something waitress with a love of EDM, but have never been to a festival.

Maybe you’re a 30-something distance runner stuck in a relationship that’s holding you back.

Maybe you’re a 40-something housewife tied down by an emotionally or physically abusive marriage to a man you used to love.

Maybe you’re a 16-year-old high school “jock” living in constant fear of revealing that you’re a homosexual.

Maybe you’re a 20-something Gen-Xer working a shockingly dull 9-to-5, simply to pay the bills.

Maybe you’re pushing 30 and still single, afraid to get out on the dating scene because you’re 30 pounds overweight.

What is it? Did I strike a nerve yet? Should I keep going?

I’ll ask one more time: What is that ONE thing in your life, that if you could simply bring yourself to make that one change, everything would be so much better?

I want this to make you uncomfortable, because addressing that which discomforts you is the only way you’re ever going to change.

And, listen: YOU can make that change.

YOU can go to that festival. YOU can break up with your girlfriend that you're not really in love with. YOU can seek professional help for your relationship. YOU can come out of the closet. YOU can quit your job. YOU can join a gym, or buy a treadmill, or permanently change your dietary habits.

YOU can do it! I know you can.

So what are you waiting for? Life is short, and precious, and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

So think about it. Take a minute to think about what makes YOU uncomfortable … and decide to change it.

Because the bottom line is: I don’t want #TeamStrub to make you uncomfortable. I want you to wake up every morning knowing that you are living your life to the best of your abilities. I want you to look at my photos every day and realize that you, too, are living YOUR dreams. (In fact, I want YOU to Tweet me your messages about how you're living those dreams.)

And who knows? Perhaps the positive changes that you make in YOUR life will make those around you uncomfortable.

That’s OK. Because that discomfort is the first step to positive change. And on it goes.

More soon.

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